Our Goals

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Promote Healthy Risk-Taking

The Digital Diaries:Rx is a collection of honest and unfiltered stories for young people, as told by young people going through therapy. With a willingness to share their experiences, and the bravery to talk openly about their trauma, fears, and feelings, we can’t help but call them The Trauma Avengers.

James walks on along the railroad tracks
Isabella looks into the bathroom mirror

Open Up Communication

At a time when more and more youth are struggling with how to best communicate openly on a direct, human level; and facing fewer and fewer in-person opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digital Diaries prove that honest talk can really happen with the help of a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. We believe the courageous role models you will meet in this series can teach young people how to talk more openly and confidently about painful experiences, and difficult traumatic events.

Gabby sits in the skatepark on her phone
Samantha sits on the soccer field

Embrace Courage & Resiliency

In our series, we demonstrate how digital sharing and storytelling can be a surprisingly healthy addition to therapy, and contribute to the development of a young person’s sense of identity. We believe strength and healing has a better chance when kids learn to have real conversations… with therapists, peers, parents, and a range of other adult and youth role models. When honest dialogue happens, young people prove they are courageous and resilient in the face of life’s many fears, obstacles, and uncertainties.

Rosa looks to cross the road
Joshua sits on the workbench in the garage

Create Connection

The Digital Diaries series inspires connection, modeling new ways for young people to communicate and immerse themselves into a safe and caring community. Digital communication is far more than FaceTime and Zoom. Our process aims to help young people to trust in their voice, and connect it to the larger world… by making films, writing poetry, composing music, displaying art, or simply recording their inner thoughts with a video diary. We believe these methods can help youth to connect with feelings, thoughts and discoveries in a deeper way.

Samantha sits on a bench with her journal
Rosa sits in thought at the kitchen counter